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Second Grade


Grade 2 Information

Welcome to second grade!  We are very excited and proud to have the opportunity to work with you and your child this school year. We hope you find the overview of our program helpful in gaining a better understanding of the second grade curriculum.

Language Arts:
Our language arts curriculum is designed to reflect national and state standards and state learning outcomes. Our students are expected to demonstrate positive attitudes toward the receptive skills of writing and speaking. Opportunities are provided for our students to read strategically.  We construct, extend and examine meaning by using different types of age appropriate text.  Various types of questioning are used during literature circles or group discussions.  Using these stances provides opportunities for the students to respond to a variety of questions.  Developing initial or global understanding and personal responses are the simpler forms that are posed, along with more challenging types of questions, such as developing interpretation and critical analysis.

Your child’s reading program will include the following:

   * Listening to Literature
   * Participation in shared book experiences
   * Participation in small and whole group reading instruction with teacher guidance
   * Silent reading
   * Visiting the Library Media Center
   * Daily writing experiences
   * Opportunities for sharing reading and writing experiences
   * Integrated reading experiences
   * Book reports and projects
   * Independent research project
   * 6 + 1 Writing Traits
   * Spelling

During the first few weeks of school our students participate in many classroom and county assessments to determine the best possible placement for their math instruction.  It is our goal to continuously challenge students to meet and exceed their potential.  One way of providing this challenge this flexible grouping.  Teacher observation is also considered for change to occur.  Students’ organizational skills, commitment to task, and task completion are considered when deciding whether a student should be moved to a different instructional group.  We again assess students during the later part of the second marking period to allow regrouping to occur for the second half of the school year.

Your child’s math program will include the following:

   * Subtraction
   * Number Relationships and Computation
   * Building computational fluency
   * Algebra
   * Patterns
   * Functions
   * Statistics
   * Fractions
   * Geometry
   * Measurement
   * Probability
   * Money
   * Time
   * Multiplication and Division Operations

Social Studies
Your child’s social studies program will include the following units:

   * You Can Be a Geographer
   * People and Places in the United States
   * Economics with Econ

Your child’s science program will include the following units:

   * Earth and Space Science (Soil and Erosion and Earth’s Moon)
   * Physical Science (Exploring Interactions)
   * Life Science (Butterflies)

Your child’s health program will include the following units:

   * Mental Health
   * Safety, First Aid and Injury Prevention
   * Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs
   * Disease Prevention and Control

Working together as partners will enhance your child’s second grade experience.  We will work to create an open line of communication and sincerely hope that you will join us as we journey through second grade at Manor Woods Elementary.



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