Fri, 12/18/2015 - 10:10am

What is "IIT" at MWES?:    The Instructional Intervention Team, otherwise known as "IIT" is a process in place to assist students that are having academic or behavioral difficulties or other struggles that can impact student learning. As part of the Instructional Intervention Team or "IIT" at Manor Woods Elementary School, grade-level teams communicate and seek consultation/support throughout the school year to address any student's academic and behavioral needs.   Teachers may seek additional consultation or support for any student experiencing difficulty from a pool of trained staff members to assist the teacher in developing, implementing and monitoring a systematic plan to address the concern.  The goals of IIT are to work with school staff and parents in assisting students who may be experiencing difficulty in school due to academic and/or behavioral concerns while fostering improved instructional practices.  Questions regarding IIT at Manor Woods Elementary School may be directed to Mary Nalepa, School Psychologist, mnalepa@hcpss.org or 410-313-7165.  Effective education occurs when parents/families and teachers are partners in addressing any concerns either may have.