MWES Newsletter Week of 12/11/2017

Wed, 12/13/2017 - 2:30pm

MYSTERY BUS Incentive! In order to help improve bus behaviors and encourage positive student behavior on our buses, this week we began the Mystery Bus incentive.
Each Monday, a "mystery bus" will be selected. The students nor the bus drivers will know which bus it is. On Friday mornings, the mystery bus driver will be asked if students have followed the target behaviors & if they have, then the school-wide duck will move 1 wave on the chart in the front lobby (moving the students closer to a school-wide celebration!).

The target bus behaviors are:

  1. sitting down on the seat (no standing or changing seats)
  2. keeping self to self
  3. using indoor voices
  4. using respectful language

Please talk to your children about safe and respectful bus behaviors and about our new Mystery Bus incentive. Thank you for your support!


Young Authors’ Writing Contest

Who: Students in Grades 2 – 5
What: Write a poem or short story

Entries must be original work.

All entries must use no smaller than 12 point font in Times New Roman or Comic Sans.

Short story entry may range from a minimum of 300 words to no more than 800 words. Poem entry will consist of a single poem, any style from a minimum of 25 words to no more than 150 words.

Entries must not include graphics.

Each entry must include a completed typed Young Authors' Contest Cover Sheet signed by the student author and sponsoring teacher.
Entries due by December 15, 2017.

DIGITAL RULES: Save the Word document of your entry. Also save the typed cover sheet electronically. MWES school winners will need to submit these to the Howard County level contest.

The cover sheet can be accessed electronically at the Howard County Reading Council website:



Please see the PTA website for details and additional news as PTA information is now sent separately via School Messenger.




Family Holiday Concert Presented by the Columbia Orchestra

December 16, 2017 10:30 am at the Jim Rouse Theatre

Tickets: $10 for students and $15 for adults ($3 service fee may apply)

Call 410-465-8777 or visit for more information


Family Training For Students Using Communication Devices

The Instructional Access Team will be sponsoring a family training for parents/caregivers of students using communication devices. Please click on the link provided for more information. We would love to have as many people participating as possible.

family session 1.16.18.pdf 


Join MRHS in the Community Wide Clothes Swap!!

Reuse and Recycle Clothes instead of Throwing Away and Buying new ones!

When: December 15th at 4:30pm during the Varsity Basketball Double Header and before MVMS concert
Where: Marriotts Ridge High School Auxiliary Gym

Donations will be collected up until December 15th
Boxes for collection are found near the front office and in the Commons and Cafeteria.
This event supports our Green School/Community Initiative!


Please visit the Community News and Programs page on the HCPSS website for announcements of upcoming events and programs.