MWES Front Office Reminders and Frequently Used Forms

Fri, 02/23/2018 - 8:54am


When your child is absent, please send an email on the day your student returns to the following address:

Please bookmark this as a tab on your computer, and on the day your student returns from their absence, please send an email to the above address with your child's name, the date of absence and the reason for the absence. If a reason is not included, the absence will be considered unlawful. NOTE: DO NOT send an email to your child's teacher. Often these emails are not forwarded to the front office for documentation. You may copy your child's teacher on the attendance email if you'd like.

We appreciate your help to ensure that our children are marked accurately on their attendance record. Thank you for taking the time to use our new email address created specifically for absences.

Q:  How will attendance be taken during virtual learning?

A: At the elementary level, student attendance for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday instruction will occur by both the homeroom teacher and mathematics teacher taking attendance, noting whether students were present online for synchronous instruction.

  • Daily attendance will be based on teacher-recorded attendance for the entire school day.
  • If there is technical difficulty, a student may submit asynchronous work for a particular day to receive credit for attendance.
  • For Wednesday, a student will be counted as present if they do one or more of the following at some point during the week:
  1. Submit an assignment to one of their teachers
  2. Engage in synchronous instruction or tutoring with an HCPSS teacher
  3. Meet online with an HCPSS teacher or service provider
  4. Complete work in the Canvas learning management system, DreamBox or Lexia Core5
  • Students reporting late to school/class when the day/period begins are considered tardy. Leaving school/class before the day/period ends is considered early dismissal. School personnel will designate tardiness and early dismissal as lawful or unlawful and treat it under the same criteria as a lawful or an unlawful absence. Missing class for more than 20 minutes will be treated as an absence for that class.



Our office hours are 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. Please understand that students will not be able to enter the building after 4:00pm to retrieve forgotten items. Our office staff will not be ringing students or parents into the building after 4:00 pm unless they are participating in a scheduled after-school activity. When you arrive to pick your student up from an after-school activity, please wait in the vestibule for the instructor to bring the students to you. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we tighten the security in the building. We would like to remind parents that dismissal is a very busy time of the day for the front office. Every once in a while, we realize that you may need to pick your child up early from school. We are asking parents that need to pick up their child (ren) early to do so before 3:00 pm. If you arrive after this time, you will be asked to wait outside until your child is dismissed with their class at 3:15. Teachers are not finished with instruction until 3:10 pm. We will not be able to dismiss your child between 3:00-3:15. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us have a safe and orderly dismissal at the end of the day.



  • School opens at 8:30 am. If your student isn't in their classroom by the late bell (8:45 am), he/she is considered late. You must accompany your child into and out of the building each time your child has a late arrival or early dismissal. You must bring a photo ID.
  • If your student has an early dismissal, please make certain he/she is picked up by 3:00 pm to make certain you are out before our buses begin to arrive
  • Please provide a note each day your child has an after-school activity. This helps the teacher and your child remember the activity on a weekly basis.



If you are withdrawing or transferring your student, please complete the Maryland Transfer/Withdrawal Notification Form and send to the front office to request a transfer packet.

Maryland Transfer/Withdrawal Notification Form



If you move during the school year, you must complete a change of address form and provide a copy of your current lease and utility bill to the front office.

Change Of Address



If you plan to have your student out of school for an extended number of days, please complete this form and turn it into the front office staff.