The Weekly Duck

Fri, 06/07/2024 - 9:33pm


Dear Manor Woods Families,

Can you believe there are only FIVE (5) days left in this fantastic school year? Time flies when you're having fun and learning! As we approach the finish line, we are grateful for your incredible support and active involvement this year. Let's make these final days count! 

Here's what you need to know: 

  • Lost & Found: Have your child check the lost and found for any missing items. We have lost & found items displayed in the main lobby area for all students to see as they enter the building each day. Unclaimed items will be donated after June 14th.

  • Early Dismissal Reminders: Mark your calendars! We have 3-hour early dismissals on June 12th-14th. Students will be dismissed at 12:15 p.m.

We wanted to take the opportunity to give a SHOUT OUT to our FABULOUS 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students who participated in our Orchestra concert this week. Stellar performances from our Beginning Orchestra, 4th Grade Chamber Strings, Intermediate Orchestra, 5th Grade Music Chamber, and Advanced Orchestra. The musical gifts of our students and staff at Manor Woods are truly amazing! Thank you, Mrs. Zeitler and Ms. Lahan for your dedication to our students and our music program. We appreciate you sharing your musical gifts with all of us! Our students are truly fortunate to have each of you.Thank you! 

CONGRATULATIONS to our Kindergarten students who celebrated a GREAT year of success today at our Kindergarten closing and celebration! It was a wonderful ceremony and it was great to see our Kindergarten students SHINE! We are beyond proud of each student. We thank our awesome Kindergarten team for the hard work and dedication to our students to ensure their success during their first-year in public education. In addition, we thank the Kindergarten team as well as all the MWES staff who helped plan for a wonderful celebration today. Our students are truly fortunate to have each of you.Thank you! 

Please join us in CELEBRATING Ms. Cynthia Rinaldi, General Music Teacher,  and Ms. Lisa Goddard, Kindergarten Paraeducator as they retire from the Howard County Public School System!

We thank Ms. Goddard for her 21 years of service to the Howard County Public School System and to our students, school and community. Ms. Goddard has dedicated countless hours to ensuring our Kindergarten students receive the BEST first year of school experience possible. We are beyond grateful for Ms. Goddard and her kind, caring spirit and love for the students. Ms. Goddard is looking forward to her retirement and spending time with her family including her children and grandchildren. In addition, she plans to volunteer at a local animal shelter sharing  a lot of love with the dogs waiting to be adopted. If you see Ms. Goddard over the next week, be sure to wish her the best in her retirement! 

We thank Ms. Rinaldi for her 37 years of service to the Howard County Public School System. Ms. Rinaldi has spent these years doing what she loves … teaching vocal music to a countless number of students. In these 37 years of service, Ms. Rinaldi has dedicated 22 to Manor Woods ES! Ms. Rinaldi’s love and gift for music is contagious and as a result our students, staff and community have benefited from this for many, many years!! We are beyond grateful for Ms. Rinaldi for sharing her amazing gifts with all of us. Ms. Rinaldi is looking forward to her retirement and spending time with her family. In addition, she plans to spend time at the beach or someplace on the water relaxing. We may even see her around MWES for a visit or subbing for vocal music. If you see Ms. Rinaldi over the next week, be sure to wish her the best in her retirement! 

Please see the following message from Ms. Rinaldi: 

It has been a sincere pleasure to teach Vocal Music in the HCPSS for 37 years (22 of those at MWES!) Teaching the students of Manor Woods (and some of their children) holds a special place in my heart. Thank you to the administration and staff of Manor Woods who have been extremely supportive of the Vocal Music program (and a shout out to my awesome colleagues of the Related Arts team!) Thank you to the parents and community for encouraging your children to participate in the arts and supporting musical endeavors at Manor Woods and beyond.  Lastly, thank you to the students as they trusted me to take them beyond their comfort zone to develop musical skills. They have demonstrated such talent and appreciation of the arts. Thank you, Manor Woods community, for a very fulfilling teaching career!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Kelli Jenkins, Principal

Jennifer Zinn, Assistant Principal 




12 - Schools Close 3 Hours Early (Professional Work Day), 12:15 PM
13 - Schools Close 3 Hours Early (Professional Learning Day), 12:15 PM
13 - 5th Grade End-of-the-Year Promotion, 9:15 AM
14 - Schools Close 3 Hours Early (Last Day Of School), 12:15 PM


INFORMATION TO SHARE                 


Media Books ~ Parents/Guardians ~ We NEED your HELP! 

All library books were due Thursday, June 6th. We still have over 250 books that need to be returned. If your child still has library books checked out, please help us by looking for them over the weekend and returning them on Monday, June 10th! We appreciate your support!

Summer Meals Program

The Howard County Public School System is please to announce its participation in the 2024 summer Food Service Program.  Summer meals will be provided to all children ages 18 years and under without charge.  Please click here for more information.

Health Room - Medicine Pick-up Reminder

The end of the school year is here, and all medications must be picked up from the health room by June 14th at 12:15 PM. Per HCPSS Health Services policy, if medications are not picked up by this time, they will be discarded. Medications must be picked up by a parent/guardian. Thank you.


According to HCPSS Policy 9000 - Student Residency, Eligibility, Enrollment, and Assignment, "A student attending a public school in Howard County will attend the designated school serving the school attendance area in which the parents have bona fide residence."

If you have moved or are moving soon, please notify us immediately. We can assist you with transitioning to your child's new school. Whether it be another HCPSS school, a private school, or a school out of the HCPSS district, we are here to help. If you are transferring to another HCPSS school, our registrars will partner to make the transition as smooth as possible.

If you have an address change, please fill out the attached fillable Address Change Form below and email it back to us with your new deed or lease. This way, we can electronically verify your school district and update your new address on file. If you have any questions, contact our front office staff or visit our website for more information. 

It is very important for us to have the most accurate information about your residency.

HCPSS 2024-25 School Calendar

The Board of Education approved the 2024-2025 school year calendar. Click here for the HCPSS 2024-25 School calendar. 

Summer Curriculum Resources

The elementary curriculum offices have compiled several activities and strategies for students to enhance their learning during the summer. The resource can be found on the Canvas Parent Pages. linked below. Resources can be viewed by grade level and subject. Additional resources and suggestions can also be found on the Parent Pages. These resources include games, strategy instruction tips, field trip suggestions, and much more. Please feel free to share this information with your families.

Community News & Events


Families are encouraged to visit the HCPSS website for all your needs, including:

HCPSS Student & Parent Handbook

Click HERE for the county's 2022-23 handbook.  The Student & Parent Handbook can be found online and outlines districtwide practices and policies related to parents and students, including the Student Code of Conduct, school procedures, student responsibilities and more. 

HCPSS Student Code of Conduct

The Howard County Public School System is committed to providing a safe, engaging and supportive learning environment where all policies are enforced fairly and consistently. HCPSS policies and regulations emphasize instruction and rehabilitation rather than punishment and are designed to foster and reward appropriate behavior and keep students connected to school so they can graduate college and career ready. Please read and review the HCPSS student code of conduct with your child(ren) before the school year begins: