Indoor Environmental Quality

HCPSS recognizes the importance of providing a healthy learning environment for all students and staff members. In an effort to identify and correct conditions that may have an impact on air quality, HCPSS has established an Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) program that proactively maintains proper indoor environments and responds to community members' concerns.

The IEQ data provided below comes directly from the HCPSS IEQ site.

Submit an IEQ Concern

Complete the online IEQ Concern form to submit a concern about the indoor environmental quality of a HCPSS building or facility. The Office of the Environment addresses each concern by contacting the individual and performing an environmental assessment of the reported area.

Recently Published Concerns

Date Location Concern Closed
August 21st, 2018
Tracking Number: CXMWES2018000004
AV Equipment/Electronics Room There was water in this room due to over-condensation earlier this summer, which resulted in a lot of water on the floor leading out of the door into the media center area. Now, there is a very strong overwhelming odor in that room that I would like to have checked out. Yes
January 2nd, 2019
Tracking Number: CXMWES20190000A2
Front Office (wafting through building) Apparently some hot chocolate was left in a large Dunkin Donuts container over the Winter Break, fermented and exploded in the front office. The smell is noxious and I am wondering about the mold that might have grown and is now spreading into the ventilation system. Yes
January 2nd, 2019
Tracking Number: CXMWES20190000A1
Throughout An individual noticed a strong smell of sour/fermented milk and reported sinus issues and a headache since entering the building. Yes
January 2nd, 2019
Tracking Number: CXMWES20190000A0
Front Office, Staff Lounge, Workroom An individual is reporting a noxious odor in the front office, staff workroom, and staff lounge. Yes
January 2nd, 2019
Tracking Number: CXMWES201900009F
Throughout the building; most notably the front office Strong smell of something spoiled/rotten/moldy. Within 5 minutes of entering the building this morning, my nasal passages, eyes & throat are burning/reacting. Yes

A full listing of published concerns is available on this school's page on the HCPSS IEQ site.

Scheduled Walk-Throughs

The IEQ program includes system-wide scheduled and standardized walk-through reviews of each HCPSS school, conducted twice a year. The process is based off the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Indoor Air Quality recommendations for schools. One walkthrough is conducted by a school-based IEQ team of parents, staff, students, and community members, trained by the HCPSS Office of the Environment, to identify and report potential indoor environmental issues. The second walkthrough is performed by an HCPSS industrial hygienist, who assesses each school building, such as its mechanical equipment, areas above drop-ceilings, and the exterior.

IEQ Information From Previous School Years

All previously published IEQ concerns, reports from external contractors, and school walk-through reports for previous school years are archived on the IEQ Report Archive.

Water Quality Reports

In compliance with state regulations, HCPSS is testing all schools for the presence of lead in drinking water. Details on the testing schedule, procedures, etc., as well as test results and reports for individual schools can be found on the HCPSS website.