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Confidentiality Training Course

Thank you for your interest in volunteering within the Howard County School System! We value our volunteers and the contributions they make to our students and schools.

According to HCPSS Board Policy, all parent volunteers must complete a Confidentiality Training Course about protecting the privacy of our students, staff, and schools.

View the brief training presentation and print out a certificate of completion

View the Child Abuse and Neglect Training for Parents

Child Abuse and Neglect Training

Abuse Training Certificate

Visitation Procedures

Manor Woods Elementary welcomes visitors to our school. To limit interruptions and distractions to teaching and learning and to maximize safety for all persons, visitors need to abide by the following procedures developed by school administrators and in conjunction with the Howard County Public School Visitation Policy. 

Classroom Visitors/Observers 

  • Anyone wishing to visit Manor Woods for the purpose of observing or watching instruction in the classroom is asked to contact school administration or the teacher to discuss the purpose of the visit and to establish a convenient time for both the visitor and the school. 
  • Upon entering the school, classroom visitors/observers must proceed to the main office, tell the secretary the purpose of the visit, and sign in through our Lobby Guard System. Visitors are required to have their driver's license to sign in.
  • When observing in a classroom, please allow the teacher to focus on instructing the students. Questions and concerns about instructional techniques, curriculum, and your child’s progress are better addressed during a conference. The teachers are happy to work with you to ensure your child’s success and can better serve you during a private appointment. 
  • If a follow up meeting with school staff is desired, the visitor will schedule it for a mutually convenient time. 


  • Manor Woods has a history of having many volunteers either helping in the classroom, in the cafeteria, for special events, or for assisting with PTA tasks and activities. Prearranged volunteers must go to the main office, sign the volunteer log, and pick up a green volunteer badge to wear during your visit. 

Lunchroom/Recess Visitors 

  • Students love having a parent eat lunch or spend time with them at recess. A lunch or recess visit does not need to be prearranged. Lunch/Recess visitors must go to the main office, tell the secretary the purpose of the visit, and sign in through our Lobby Guard System. Visitors are required to provide a photo ID before going to the lunchroom or playground.
  • All visitors must wear the appropriate badge so that it is visible for staff and students to see.  
  • In case of an emergency evacuation during your visit, please report to the pavilion by the play fields so that we can account for your safety. 
  • When your visit is complete, please return to the main office and sign out. 
  • If bringing something to school for your child, such as a forgotten lunch, please take the item to the main office. We will make sure the item is delivered to your child. Parents will not be allowed to take the item to the classroom, as this becomes a distraction to instruction in the classroom. 
  • When volunteering or visiting classrooms, younger children should not be brought with you. Children in the staff workroom become a safety concern and young children in the classroom are a distraction to teaching and learning. 

We very much appreciate and encourage parental involvement in our school, and also must maintain the appropriate instructional atmosphere for our students. Thank you for your attention to our school visitation policy.