A Message From Our Principal

Wed, 04/26/2023 - 3:30pm


Dear Manor Woods Families,

It is with bittersweet emotion that I share with you, I will be retiring from the Howard County Public School System at the end of the current school year. I have enjoyed 32 years of serving the students and community of Howard County, most recently, The Mighty Ducks.

I began my career as a Waterloo Elementary Wizard teaching kindergarten and first grade. I helped open a new facility, Fulton Elementary in 1997, as a first grade teacher. From Fulton,  I was appointed Assistant Principal at Pointers Run. When Dayton Oaks opened in 2006, I worked as the Assistant Principal there. I was then moved to the other side of the county where I was the Assistant Principal at Forest Ridge Elementary. I spent two short years at Forest Ridge and then was promoted to the Principalship, being moved back to Dayton Oaks Elementary. My final move was to Manor Woods Elementary School where I am finishing out my sixth year with the same students that started Kindergarten when I started here as Principal. I feel so fortunate that I was able to see the 5th grade class of 2023 all the way through their elementary school years!

It has been my joy and privilege to work with the Manor Woods Community. I have shared repeatedly, our students are the kindest children with so much potential to do great things. As families in this community, you continuously support the staff at Manor Woods and I know your involvement and pride in this school will continue as your children pass through our doors.

As I move away from the principalship, children will continue to be my top priority. I plan to work weekly as a volunteer in my daughter’s fourth grade classroom and will spend more time with my Godchildren. It is my hope to teach literacy skills to adults as part of giving back to my community. You may even see me volunteering at Manor Woods over the next couple of years.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with such amazing children. I have loved this placement and not only have grown with you through the years, but navigated with you during a world-wide pandemic. Your kindness, trust, and support will never be forgotten as I reflect back on my years at Manor Woods Elementary School. Best of luck to you and your children as you journey through public education and beyond.



Carol B DeBord