School Wide Reading Challenge

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 10:22am


The reading challenge begins TODAY, January 14th and continues to Monday, Feb. 14th, which is currently the 100th Day of School. (We will adjust the date if there are any days off due to the weather). Students will be given a 100 Book Challenge document. Each time they read a book, the student can color in a book on the paper. Please note: For students in grades 3-5, 25 pages = 1 book since upper grade level books are more complex.  Once the student reaches 100 books (or 2500 pages for intermediate students), they will turn in their paper to the classroom teacher. The student will earn a special “I read 100 books” challenge bookmark to keep and decorate. Then, the student will be entered into a special drawing that will be announced on the 100th Day of School. The winners of the drawing will get a special afterschool virtual reading with Mrs. Debord and Mrs. Zinn at a time agreed upon by the winner and admin. Happy Reading!

100 Book Challenge Document